Just Saying!/Quelque mots!

Heritage Fair was sooo awesome! – Xavierie, Grade 6

I Really liked learning about History. I Really like Air force History. – Storm, Grade 7

It was very interesting. [The presenter] said things that I studied from my textbook. I liked how he showed us everything. – Alliah, Grade 6

I learned a lot of stuff about my herratage that I didn’t know. – Rebecca, Grade 9

I loved the [presenter’s] uniform and the interesting information. It rocked!!!!!! – Joshua, Grade 4

It was fun! Now I have a memory. – Charmaine, Grade 6

This is the best place ever. – Chrissa, Grade 4

I love it here! All the volunteers are super friendly and the workshops are fun! – Kristin, Grade 6

Well done! Interesting project displays. Good opportunities for teacher resources. Appreciated the coffee. – Linda, Grade 8 Teacher

It was thrilling! [The workshop] allowed me to notice RCMP through a different light. It was enriching. – Mira, Grade 9