First the Good News

The Good News is that we’ve got the problem solved. It’s all going to work out.

The Bad News is that we have had to change the date of the 2014 Red River Heritage Fair. Due to complications at the U of Winnipeg, the Fair can’t be held on the original date of Tuesday, May 6, and so we’ve been forced to move it. The folks at the Duckworth Centre at the U of W have done a tremendous job in shifting things around and getting the Fair shifted to Thursday, May 1.

We’ll get forms on our website updated to reflect this in the next few days. In the meantime, remember that the registration deadline remains on April 11, but because of the shortened timeline, we really, really can’t have people registering late.

So the Fair is Thursday, May 1 with setup on April 30. We’re sorry for any inconvenience or trouble this might cause, but we really can’t avoid it. I hope it works out for everyone.