What did the kids say about the Fair?

Kristen, Grade 8 – I learned that 100 years ago Winnipeg was the robust city in Canada. Manitoba has the best wheat! Very informative, interesting.

Kristin, Grade 4 - I liked the presenter. Was fun, clear, funny and expressive, fun and more.

Michelle, Grade 9 - Very interesting! Loved the pictures of their [the presenters’] trips and of the planes. Equipment was really neat.

Maverick, Grade 7 - It was really cool learning about the RCAF! I learned lots of things.

Julie, Grade 9 - The artifacts were very cool.  🙂

Sarah, Grade 4 - I liked learning about activities that they did in the ancient time.

Ariane, Grade 4 - C’était vraiment FUN! Merci pour cette aventure avec nous. Je ne voudrais pas être dans le vieux temps.