The Red River Heritage Fair is turning 15! Let’s do something different!

For the 25th Anniversary of Heritage Fairs in Canada and the 15th Anniversary of the Red River Heritage Fair we would like to challenge you to go back in time in Canadian History. 

Over the past few years there have been many anniversaries of historic events and a few are coming up in the near future;  War of 1812,   Selkirk Settlers Arrival  1814, Peguis Selkirk Treaty 1817,  Arrival of Provencher 1818,  the Underground Railroad 1860’s, 150th Anniversary of Manitoba becoming a province 1870 , the First World War, Vimy 1914 – 1918, Votes for Women 1916, the Winnipeg General Strike 1919 and many more.  These are a few suggested topics for the 2018 Red River Heritage Fair.

Unique Ways to present projects

Try something different to create a Heritage Fair project. It doesn’t have to be done on a backboard.

Swap Cards (Trading Cards)  Create a  series of trading cards similar to hockey cards. Include a picture of the person or event and detailed information about their significance related to the Canadian Historical event.  A minimum of 9 cards (up to 12+) to identify the Canadian historical person, event or place

Illustrated Story/Graphic Novel Create an Illustrated Story/Graphic Novel about a Canadian historical person/figure, event or place.  We suggest it should be at least 8 to 10 pages with a introduction, story line and conclusion.  Web Option:

Timeline Create an illustrated timeline of an Canadian historical person/figure, event or place. For each episode n time, be sure to include a title of the event, description, date and visual. Web Option:

Character Presentation Create an autobiographical presentation. Become the historical figure.  Be able to describe what the person did in Canadian history, dress and speak as you are the character

Website Create a web-based website for a Canadian historical person or event. We have wifi at the Duckworth Centre so you can shop off your site on a laptop. One possible website builder:

Physical Figure  Create an image of the person you are researching. Use your imagination to create a sensory figure. For each “sense” describe what the person would say, think, feel, hear, see, etc. Make sure the information is historically accurate.  Use previous events building up to the actual event, the current event and what transpired after the event.

Face Book Page Create a Face Book page for a Canadian historic figure using either paper or a web-based template. Check out

X-Ray Poster  Produce a large poster of a Canadian historical figure (the entire body) and add flaps for main body parts. Under each flap write historical evidence about the person. For example, under the head flap, write where the person was born and what the person is famous for. Under the foot flap, write about where the person has been, under the mouth flap write what the person has said. Be sure to include at least 8 flaps; Head, mouth, heart, chest, 2 hands, 2 legs.


Use this list or create something you might like to do or use your own inspired imagination to complete your presentation. Celebrate our 15th birthday by creating a wild, wacky, and unique project to be proud of.

Have fun with history!

We look forward to seeing your project…