2017 Topics

For Canada 150, project topics are to reflect the historic aspect of Canada, not the modern and current 21st century world

Topic Suggestions:

Your Birthday in History

Explore Manitoba/Canada history using notable events that happened on your birth dates in history. For more inspiration about the Your Birthday in History option click here.

Confederation 1867

What was the lead up to Confederation?   Who was involved?  What were the Pros and Cons of Confederation?

  • The political parties – who was involved?
  • How did they get the provinces to agree – what was promised to them?
  • The First Prime Minister – John A MacDonald
  • Current topics in 1867
  • Inventions of the time
  • Medicines in the 1800’s

Canadian events, people, historic significance

  • During the American Revolutionary War an estimated 100,000 Black Loyalists fled to the British side. The first wave to arrive in Canada were free Black Loyalists invited by the British government after the American Revolutionary War. What challenges did they face? Did the fight for the abolition of slavery during the American Civil War have an effect on Canada?
  • Why did the Métis resist the westward expansion of Canada, and what were the consequences?
  • What are the contributions of Louis Riel to Manitoba and Canada.
  • How did territorial growth, immigration, and industrialization change life for men and women in Canada?
  • How did Canada’s relationship with First Nations, Métis, and Inuit peoples change after Confederation?
  • How was Canada’s identity as a nation shaped by the First World War and by its changing relationship to Great Britain and the world?
  • What was the role of women during the First World War?
  • Who were the Suffragists? How were they different from Suffragettes? What did they first accomplish in Manitoba in 1916?
  • What impact did the Influenza Epidemic 1919 have in Canada?
  • What led up to Winnipeg General Strike 1919?

A dedicated teacher workshop for learning how to do a Heritage Fair project in your classroom will be held in January at St. Boniface Museum. 

Date to be determined in January   You must pre-register for the workshop  [email protected]