Hands up to volunteer

Another volunteer explains why he’s involved

Everyone knows that history is stuff that happened long ago. So, why bother caring about what’s already over? I mean, what’s done is done, right? Wrong! History is something that happens every day, and YOU are part of it. The events of the present shape the world of tomorrow. Thus, the stories you may one day tell your children, or grandchildren, will be in their eyes, and in the eyes of everyone else, history. Who knows? Down the road, you may even find yourself in the pages of a textbook.

So, what’s this got to do with Heritage Fair, you may ask? The answer is simple. History and heritage go hand-in- hand. Every heritage has a history, and by participating in the fair, you are moving beyond the classroom by immersing yourself in the thoughts, expressions, and ideas of the culture you are learning about. Not to mention, Fair Day is an awesome day of educational, fun-filled activities and workshops that are sure to delight and excite.

Well, then—what are you waiting for? It’s time to make history.

- Ian, Red River Heritage Fair Committee Member