Frenquently Asked Questions

Question MarkThings you’ve asked us. Now we’re answering.

Let us know if there’s things we’ve missed.

General Questions

Q: Where are the bathrooms located?

A: On the second floor

Q: Is there a drinking fountain/drink machine available?

A: A water fountain is just outside the washrooms on the second floor, or there is water for purchase in the Canteen 

Q: Where is the nearest first aid kit/AED?

A: At the Duckworth Main Office on the ground floor


Parent Questions:

Q: Can I attend sessions with my child? (Parents of young children)?

A:  No, unless you are a parent supervising students or a parent of a homeschool student 

Q: My child has an appointment this afternoon. Can I pick them up and then return them later?

A: Your child should be here for their “Judging Session” where he/she presents their project. Check to see when your child’s judging session is, and if you must miss it, inform the judges beforehand and we will try to accommodate another judging session time

Q: What time should I come back to pick my child up?

A: The ending time of the last session is 3:30 pm

Q: When should I be here for the award ceremony?

A: Students should return to be by their projects for Public Viewing is 5:30 pm, Awards start at 6:30 pm

Q: I cannot attend the award ceremony tonight. Can I take my child’s project with me now?

A: Judges take their final looks after the students have left to determine the awards. Taking your project early may make it difficult for your child to win an award.   You may arrange to have someone bring it home for you after the award ceremony.

Please note: All projects that have been left behind will be disposed of, unless other arrangements have been made to pick them up. RRHF or the Duckworth Centre is not responsible for projects left behind after the close of the fair


Student Questions:

Q: Do I get lunch? (students/teachers at the fair)

A: No, students/teachers do not get lunch. Please bring a lunch from home or purchase*  from the canteen upstairs. *Canteen lineups will be long

Q: Where are the blank feedback forms? (My bag did not have one…)

A: Blank feedback forms will be at the registration check-in help table



Q: My friend is in a different session. Can I go with him/her instead?

A: No, your session leader is expecting you. They do not have extra materials for non-registered students to attend sessions

Q: Where is the _______________________ session located?

A: A list of the session locations will be at the check-in help table

Q: My label does not have any sessions written on it. Where do I go?

A: The check-in help table.



Q: There is not enough room for my project at my spot. What should I do?

A: Size requirements for projects were stated in the overview for projects. If you can, try to alter the project so that it fits in the required space. If it is larger than the assigned space, you will be deducted marks

Q: I need electricity for my project, but I do not have access. What do I do?

A: If you have informed RRHF that you required electricity we will try to accommodate you, if the request was not noted on the registration form it may be difficult to find power



Q: How many judges will see me during the judging period? (The person next to me had more judges…)

A: Stand by your project until the judging session is completely finished. All students will have 2-3 judges.  There are speciality judges who are experts in certain topics and they will only visit projects relevant to their award category

Q: What do the different coloured dots mean? (Does that mean my project is bad/good?) 

A: The dots just say that your project has been visited by a judge. The colours are random and do not mean anything.  The “dots/stickers” are a way to visually check to make sure the student has been judged


Teacher Questions:

Q: Where do I put the *photo release* slip?

A: At the drop-off box at the check-in help table.  *ALL students must have a consent form completed or they will not be allowed to participate

Q: When/where do I pick up my receipt?

A: Receipts will be available at the check-in help table at the end of the day, after they have been signed


Registration Questions:

Q: There is no label for this student who is checking in. What do I do?

A: Check again (sometimes late registrants are not listed alphabetically).  If they are not there, see the check-in help table.

Q: The Student label has the wrong project title on it. Will this be a problem?

A: As long as your project is at the correct number space, the judges will find you. Let the judge know the actual title of your project at that time


Judges and Questions

Q: Where is the judge’s area located?

A: Upstairs, on the mezzanine

Q: I can’t find this project. What do I do?

A: If the project is not in its numbered spot, let the judging station know that this project could not be found, then continue on with the other projects to be judged

Q: No one was at this project when I went by. What do I do?

A: Students are told to remain at their project until their judging session was over.  Please let the judging coordinator know and we will page the student back to the project. If you have extra time, you could return to that project. If student has not appeared, simply fill out the rubric for the areas which are not related to the presentation and inform the judging station why there are zeros in the other areas

Q: Where/when is lunch being served for judges?

A: Lunch will be served upstairs at noon. Remember to bring your lunch ticket

Q: Where are the extra pencils/batteries/scrap paper/tape?

A: Extra supplies should be at the check-in help table or the judges room


RRHF Volunteer Questions:


Q: Where/when is lunch being served for volunteers?

A: Lunch will be served upstairs at noon. Remember to bring your lunch ticket

Q: I am a student volunteer. What should I be doing?

A: Ask the teacher who brought you or the Volunteer Coordinator