Hands up to volunteer

One volunteer’s viewpoint

Sometimes putting together Heritage Fair projects with your class can be a hassle. With so many other things to do, why do this one? One of our volunteers explains why she volunteers for our Fair and what drives her on.

Why I Volunteer at the Red River Heritage Fair.

Red River Heritage Fair logoIn 2011, I met Marie, the Red River Heritage Fair co-chair, and got introduced to the world of the Red River Heritage Fair. I was only a student teacher at the time, but I knew I was hooked!

I love History, but I know kids are not always thrilled about the subject. At the heritage fair, students are excited and eager about the stories they’ve uncovered with their research. They have dug into the past and returned with a love of history in their eyes; that’s what I love about the fair. Being a part an amazing group of people who help run the fair aside; the students and their love of history and storytelling are what excite me about coming back to volunteer every year.

As the sheriff and trouble shooter on the floor come fair day, I take care of any problems that arise with projects and students. However, the best part of my job is that I get to walk around and talk to students who are waiting to have their projects judged. I ease their nerves, I discuss their favourite parts of their projects and their reasons for choosing the topic, and best of all, I get to see their smiles. The students and their love of history are why I volunteer at the Red River Heritage Fair!

– Vanessa