Hands up to volunteer

Why I volunteer for the Red River Heritage Fair

Last year, I was fortunate enough to teach a grade 4 class that sent some of its students to the Red River Heritage Fair. As a teacher, it was really rewarding to see the students hard work pay off as they prepared for a day of fun and learning at the Heritage Fair. It was my first time being associated with the Fair in any way and it was obvious throughout the day just how much work and preparation go into hosting such an event.

I met many of the people associated with the event and was asked if I would like to volunteer. I accepted and was looking forward to it as I was intrigued to see how things worked behind the scenes with the Fair. Upon attending a couple of meetings it became apparent that the members of the committee are an easygoing bunch who are eager to put on a fun filled day of learning for the many students involved. I also realized that there was a lot more work involved than expected. Adding up all of the costs to host such an event really puts a lot of emphasis on the fundraising and sponsorships.

Being a part of the Red River Heritage Fair committee has not only given me the opportunity to meet some outstanding people who make a great team, it has allowed me to see the importance of volunteers. Without this group of dedicated individuals, this incredible event would be unable to take place.

– Shane