We are saddened

Lyn Petersen and Marie ZorniakWe are saddened to announce that, after a brief illness, our long time Fair Co-Chair, Marie Zorniak, passed away last week Monday.

Marie was one of the founders of the Red River Heritage Fair, and the one who coined our name. She was the gentle and often irresistible force that drew many of us to send students to the Fair, and many of us to spend endless hours and even a great many years volunteering to run the Fair.

Her concern for students in general and especially for those who didn’t fit the mold due to academic, physical, or social issues inspired us to do things differently. Over the years we have found ways to be more inclusive of students who are not quite the norm. It has not been solely about the number on the score sheet, but about a student grabbing a piece of Canada and making it their own.

Marie’s contagious enthusiasm is the reason why the Fair organizers often have called the Red River Heritage Fair the Hotel California. Though you can check out, somehow you know that you can never really leave.

Canada’s History has set up a donation page to honour the memory of Marie Zorniak. If you are inclined to contribute, please follow this link to find out more.

And for now, please bear with us here at the Red River Heritage Fair.  We are working on filling the gap Marie left, and it may take some time.