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Being Topical. 10 ideas for great projects

So what are good Heritage Fair project topics? Here’s 10 ideas.

  1. The names of the provinces. What’s a Saskatchewan? Who was Alberta and how did she get a province named after her? And considering for the Europeans all of it was a new found land, why is only one province Newfoundland?
  2. Did you know that the very first helicopter in Canada was built in Homewood, Manitoba? It can be found today at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada.
  3. Who’s the best prime minister? Who’s the worst? Why?
  4. They’re talking about a three-peat for the Blue Bombers, but who was the team that did it first? Did you know two of the members of that team went on to become premiers?
  5. How did Manitoba end up with so many places called Winnipeg? The city of Winnipeg, Winnipeg Beach, Lake Winnipeg, and even Winnipeg River. Winnipeg even has a Winnipeg Avenue. It doesn’t seem very original but there’s probably a really good reason for it.
  6. Inuit Art. The Winnipeg Art Gallery hosts what may be the world’s biggest collection at their Qaumajuk gallery.
  7. How did a land locked Prairie city like Winnipeg end up with a re-creation of a 17th century ship that even sailed the ocean? Find out a bit more about the Nonsuch.
  8. Not a lot of hamburgers get a Wikipedia page, but the Fat Boy does. Where did Winnipeg’s contribution to fine dining come from?
  9. And speaking of hamburgers what’s a nip anyway? Salisbury House has been tickling the taste buds of Winnipeggers since 1931.
  10. Maybe you stream your music but it wasn’t always so. What impact did Manitoba’s early radio stations have?