Laurel Wreath

Confirmed Awards for 2023

What project awards have we got set up this year? Here’s what we’re up to.

  1. The French Project Award, given out by the St Boniface Museum, for projects on French language and culture, preferably done in French.
  2. Sustainable Development Award, given by KGS Group, for projects on sustainable development.
  3. Selkirk Settler Award for projects on the early settlement period.
  4. Manitoba Museum Award, given out by the Manitoba Museum, for projects on Manitoba history.
  5. Association of Manitoba Museums Award, made available by the AMM, for projects using museums in their research.
  6. Heritage Winnipeg Award, presented by Heritage Winnipeg, for projects focusing on Winnipeg history and architecture.
  7. CTV Award, given out by CTV Winnipeg, for projects displaying superior research and presentation skills.