We are saddened

Lyn Petersen and Marie ZorniakWe are saddened to announce that, after a brief illness, our long time Fair Co-Chair, Marie Zorniak, passed away last week Monday.

Marie was one of the founders of the Red River Heritage Fair, and the one who coined our name. She was the gentle and often irresistible force that drew many of us to send students to the Fair, and many of us to spend endless hours and even a great many years volunteering to run the Fair.

Her concern for students in general and especially for those who didn’t fit the mold due to academic, physical, or social issues inspired us to do things differently. Over the years we have found ways to be more inclusive of students who are not quite the norm. It has not been solely about the number on the score sheet, but about a student grabbing a piece of Canada and making it their own.

Marie’s contagious enthusiasm is the reason why the Fair organizers often have called the Red River Heritage Fair the Hotel California. Though you can check out, somehow you know that you can never really leave.

Canada’s History has set up a donation page to honour the memory of Marie Zorniak. If you are inclined to contribute, please follow this link to find out more.

And for now, please bear with us here at the Red River Heritage Fair.  We are working on filling the gap Marie left, and it may take some time.

Winnipeg Goldeyes

Do you like baseball and heritage?

The Red River Heritage Fair, with the help of the Winnipeg Goldeyes, is holding a fundraiser. Buy tickets for the Goldeyes game on June 12 and the Fair benefits. When you’ve chosen the seat/s you want, use the promo code 113GOLDEYES to show that you support the Red River Heritage Fair. We get 10% of the ticket price and you get to attend a great ballgame.

Everybody wins at this ballgame. (Okay, not the Gary Southshore Railcats.)

This year’s award recipients

Red River Heritage Fair Awards 2018

Updated May 8, 2018

Heritage Winnipeg Award

  • Cole Osiowy – The Streetcar of Winnipeg – Grant Park High School – Grade 9
  • Mischa Galera – The History and Evolution of Portage and Main – Holy Ghost School – Grade 6
  • Russell Palican – Forks History – Holy Ghost School – Grade 6

Manitoba Project Award

  • Alexis Gortemaker – Winnipeg Art Gallery – Immanuel Christian School – Grade 9
  • Mischa Galera – The History and Evolution of Portage and Main – Holy Ghost School – Grade 6
  • Reagan Jaworski – The Grey Nuns and the Red River Settlement – Balmoral Hall – Grade 6
  • Davia Georgison – Mennonites: A Road to Cultural Freedom – Stonewall Collegiate – Grade 9

Sustainable Development Award

  • Hella Straub – Food Insecurities in Northern MB – River Heights School – Grade 8
  • Ayden Storey – Four Seasons on my Family Farm – Sansome School – Grade 5
  • Leanne VonGiese – Canada’s Contributions to the World – General Wolfe School – Grade 9

Sports Project Award

  • Jasnoor Gill – The Edmonton Grads – Holy Ghost School – Grade 6
  • Ava Williams and Sara Mansel – Kaitlyn Lawes – École McIsaac – Grade 6
  • Cheyenne Carson – Steve Nash – Arthur A.Leach School – Grade 9


French Language/Culture Award

  • Julia Souque – Louis Riel – École Assiniboine – Grade 4
  • Ethan Patterson – Edwin Lloyd Quickfall – École McIsaac – Grade 8
  • Camille Jahne – Les septs enseignments – JB Mitchell School – Grade 5

Aboriginal Circle of Educators Award

  • Joshua Cook – Ma Culture Indigène – JB Mitchell School – Grade 6
  • Maxine Contois – Katerena Vermette – RB Russell School – Grade 9
  • Aiana Hart – Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women – Sisler – Grade 11

Art Gallery Award

  • Olivia Velasco – Vincent Massey School

Veteran Award

  • Patrick Bonifacio and Dennis Rylie Dela Cruz – Valour Road – Holy Ghost School – grade 6
  • Lauren Brown and Bailey Georgison – Vimy Ridge – Stonewall Collegiate – Grade 9
  • Ethan Patterson – Edwin Lloyd Quickfall – École McIsaac – Grade 8


The Impact of Faith Award

  • Evian Wiebe – Religious Demographics in Canada – Homeschool\

Family History Award

  • Serena Soc – Immigration: A One-Way Ticket to Canada – Holy Ghost School – Grade 6

IQmetrix Award

  • Joshua Concepcion – #RielHero – Holy Ghost School – Grade 6
  • Joshua Cook – Ma Culture Indigne – JB Mitchell School – Grade 6

Parks Canada Award

  • Milena Sgambato – The Life of a Polar Bear – Bannatyne School – Grade 3
  • Nicholas Johnston – Hudson’s Bay Company – Landmark Elementary School – Grade 5
  • Karolina Reddig and Lily Spring- La traite des fourrures – École Sacré-Coeur – Grade 6

CTV Award

  • Cole Osiowy – The Streetcar of Winnipeg – Grant Park High School – Grade 9

Manitoba Museum Award

  • Serena Soc – Immigration: A One-Way Ticket to Canada – Holy Ghost School – Grade 6
  • Jasper Klinger – Oak Island – Sansome School – Grade 4

Manitoba Social Science Teachers’ Association Award of Excellence

  • Kelly Abalus – Citizenship Ceremony – Sisler High School – Grade 11

Enthusiasm Award

  • Abigail Stewart – The Children’s Hospital – Homeschool – Grade 6

Juno Beach

Canadian Experiences: Second World War

  • Colyn Juan – Juno Beach: DDay – Holy Ghost School – Grade 6

Heroic Personal Stories: Military History Award

  • Joel Williams – My Family in World War 2 – McIsaac School – Grade 8

Red River Heritage Award of Excellence

  • Emma Ferenc – The Cholera Epidemic of 1832 – Stonewall Collegiate – Grade 9
  • Landon Welsh – The Great Depression and How it Affected the Prairies – Landmark Elementary School – Grade 5
  • Anneliese Gasman – To Reign: Canada’s Constitutional Monarchy – Balmoral Hall – Grade 6

Best School Enthusiasm Award – Friends of Dalnavert

  • École McIsaac School
  • Holy Ghost School
Hands up to volunteer

Another volunteer explains why he’s involved

Everyone knows that history is stuff that happened long ago. So, why bother caring about what’s already over? I mean, what’s done is done, right? Wrong! History is something that happens every day, and YOU are part of it. The events of the present shape the world of tomorrow. Thus, the stories you may one day tell your children, or grandchildren, will be in their eyes, and in the eyes of everyone else, history. Who knows? Down the road, you may even find yourself in the pages of a textbook.

So, what’s this got to do with Heritage Fair, you may ask? The answer is simple. History and heritage go hand-in- hand. Every heritage has a history, and by participating in the fair, you are moving beyond the classroom by immersing yourself in the thoughts, expressions, and ideas of the culture you are learning about. Not to mention, Fair Day is an awesome day of educational, fun-filled activities and workshops that are sure to delight and excite.

Well, then—what are you waiting for? It’s time to make history.

– Ian, Red River Heritage Fair Committee Member

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