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Another volunteer explains why he’s involved

Everyone knows that history is stuff that happened long ago. So, why bother caring about what’s already over? I mean, what’s done is done, right? Wrong! History is something that happens every day, and YOU are part of it. The events of the present shape the world of tomorrow. Thus, the stories you may one day tell your children, or grandchildren, will be in their eyes, and in the eyes of everyone else, history. Who knows? Down the road, you may even find yourself in the pages of a textbook.

So, what’s this got to do with Heritage Fair, you may ask? The answer is simple. History and heritage go hand-in- hand. Every heritage has a history, and by participating in the fair, you are moving beyond the classroom by immersing yourself in the thoughts, expressions, and ideas of the culture you are learning about. Not to mention, Fair Day is an awesome day of educational, fun-filled activities and workshops that are sure to delight and excite.

Well, then—what are you waiting for? It’s time to make history.

– Ian, Red River Heritage Fair Committee Member

Museums Matter Award

Association of Manitoba MuseumsThe Association of Manitoba Museums is bringing in the all new Museums Matter Award.

This award is aimed at projects that use in depth research from a Manitoba Museum.

Not many people realize it, but if you contact them in advance, most museums would love to help students do their research. And we’ve got such interesting Manitoba-based topics, like the Froebe helicopter at the Royal Aviation Museum, or the information on the armored train at the Transcona Historical Museum.

Red Maple by AY Jackson

Hey, how can I bring more of my students to the Red River Heritage Fair?

Art Category at the Red River Heritage Fair and Symposium needs your entries!

Let your creative students shine!!

To celebrate our 15th anniversary and the adoption of our new and improved name, we are offering 3    Art category slots to any school!  These are over and above the number of slots you qualify for because of your school’s participation numbers.  Or, you may  be a school that only wishes to enter the Art category!!

Students are required to prepare an artist’s statement as well as some brief information about their art piece and how it connects to Canada.  Any process work such as preliminary sketches etc. would also help show judges the creative process.

Registration is the same as for our traditional research projects: students will participate in workshops, have two judgings  and receive participation certificates and medals.

More details can be found on the website www.redriverheritage.ca

maple leaf

Whatever happened to the Young Citizens program?

Young CitizensYoung Citizens is the national program for Heritage Fairs, in which students make short videos about their heritage fair project. In 2018, students will have the chance to win one of four trips to Ottawa to attend the Canada’s History Forum. Young Citizens is coordinated by Canada’s History Society, the national charitable organization that supports Heritage Fairs.
Videos must be submitted by June 4, 2018 and will then will be posted online at YoungCitizens.ca / JeunesCitoyens.ca. A public vote will take place between June 12-22. A panel of judges will review the videos and results of the vote, and select 4 students to receive an all-expenses-paid trip for two to Ottawa in the fall of 2018.
Participants for Young Citizens are selected at their Regional or Provincial Heritage Fair, or can be nominated by their teachers. Participants must have prepared their project on a topic related to Canadian history and have the ability to complete a video independently.
Heritage Fair coordinators are asked for their assistance in selecting the Young Citizens participants, but are not required to submit a minimum number of videos.
For more information, visit YoungCitizens.ca or contact Joanna Dawson at [email protected]

More awards! This time two!

Juno Beach CentreThe Juno Beach Centre Association is helping bring in two new awards this year.

The first is the Canadian Experiences Award which is geared towards projects that best tell about the experiences of soldiers in the Second World War.

The second award is the Heroic Personal Stories/Military History Award which is for projects that showcase personal narratives and individual stories of Canada’s military in a particularly engaging and inquisitive manner.

It’s great to have the Juno Beach Centre Association working with us on this.

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