Awards 2015

Heritage Winnipeg Awards (3)

Sustainable Development Award (3)

  • Sponsored by the KGS GROUP
  • For projects on areas of sustainability that Canada has participated in locally, nationally and globally.

Sports Project Awards (3)

Manitoba Project Awards (3)

French Project Awards (3)

  • Sponsored by le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum
  • For a project done in French language dealing with French Canadian history
  • For a project(s) dealing with history of St. Boniface

Manitoba Social Science Teachers’ Association Award MSSTA (1)

Aboriginal Circle of Educators Awards (3)

Grade 10 and 11 Awards (2)

  • Sponsored by Red River Heritage Fair
  • Projects done on Canadian theme or content by a Grade 10 or 11 student

Relocate Reggie Awards (3)

  • Sponsored by Red River Heritage Fair
  • Pictorial art representation of “REGGIE” the Red River Regional Heritage Fair mascot shown in various locations in Winnipeg, Manitoba and Canada

Veteran Awards (3)

The Impact of Faith Award (2)

  • Sponsored by Canadian Mennonite University
  • For a deserving entry that either focuses specifically on a faith or religion, or on a topic that clearly shows how faith/religion significantly influenced decisions made. Any faith or religion may be featured.

Canada’s History Award (2)

  • Sponsored by the Canada’s History Society
  • For the Heritage Fair Project that best integrates the use of written research and visual materials as inseparable elements to successfully present their topic.
  • One French award. One English award.

Parks Canada Award (3)

  • Sponsored by Parks Canada (Manitoba Field Unit)
  • For a project connected to one or more of the following 6 National Historic Sites in Manitoba: Lower Fort Garry, The Forks, Riel House, St. Andrew’s Rectory, York Factory, Prince of Wales Fort
  • Project may in French or English

Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba (3)

  • Sponsored by Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba
  • For projects that include Treaty Relations in Manitoba

Manitoba Genealogical Society (1)

  • Sponsored by Manitoba Genealogical Society
  • For project dealing with family or local history, ideally for projects where the student is related to the subject of the project.
  • Project should be focused on events in Manitoba and make use of primary source materials.

Manitoba Museum Award (3)

  • Sponsored by Manitoba Museum
  • For projects dealing with Manitoba history, with resources cited from the Manitoba Museum.
  • Project should be focused on events in Manitoba and make use of primary source materials.

Technology Award (2)

CTV Awards (3)

  • Sponsored by CTV
  • For an investigative reporting project
  • Must focus on Canadian content
  • Entry must exhibit strong research and in depth reporting skills

City of Winnipeg Museums Award (3)

  • Sponsored by City of Winnipeg Museums
  • For projects dealing with City of Winnipeg history

HBCo Winnipeg Explorers Awards (3)

  • Sponsored by Hudson’s Bay Winnipeg
  • Project can interpret various aspects of Canadian exploration on a local, provincial, national or international level
  • Project must identify the impact of the exploration on Canadian history

Best School Enthusiasm Award

  • Sponsored by Red River Heritage Fair
  • Best gosh darn enthusiastic school with the best gosh darn great attitude

Young Citizens Award (11)

RRHF Award of Excellence (3)

  • Sponsored by Red River Heritage Fair
  • Top three awards for outstanding projects about Canada

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