So where do you come from?

Manitoba Genealogical Society

This next award comes from the Manitoba Genealogical Society. It’s geared toward kids who research their own ancestors, or seriously delve into discovering more about their family tree.

This sounds like a great excuse to sit down with grandparents, aunts and uncles and learn a bit of family history from the people who lived it. Oral history is a great tool to explore your own past.

Check out the Society’s website. They have some interesting resources posted.

This is a great art prize!

The Artists Emporium has donated gift certificates to the Red River Heritage Fair. This is a very cool shop on St. James Street that stocks just about anything an artist could ever want. If you’re at all artistic (or know someone who is) you should stop by this store.

We’ll be using these as the prize for our Art Award. So, if you’re wondering, this also confirms our art award. Art is a very different way to tell history, but worth exploring. If you don’t already know about it, check out the Art Gallery page.

Thanks to the Aritists Emporium for their support of our Fair.

And here’s an award for projects on Manitoba

Manitoba Museum

When it rains, it pours. The Manitoba Museum has confirmed they will once again be sponsoring the Manitoba Museum Award. It’s awarded for projects that deal with Manitoba history, especially when those projects have made use of the resources of the museum. Those are good people at the museum and eager to help out. Take advantage of that.

Thanks to the Manitoba Museum for their on-going support.

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