Museums Matter Award

Association of Manitoba MuseumsThe Association of Manitoba Museums is bringing in the all new Museums Matter Award.

This award is aimed at projects that use in depth research from a Manitoba Museum.

Not many people realize it, but if you contact them in advance, most museums would love to help students do their research. And we’ve got such interesting Manitoba-based topics, like the Froebe helicopter at the Royal Aviation Museum, or the information on the armored train at the Transcona Historical Museum.

More awards! This time two!

Juno Beach CentreThe Juno Beach Centre Association is helping bring in two new awards this year.

The first is the Canadian Experiences Award which is geared towards projects that best tell about the experiences of soldiers in the Second World War.

The second award is the Heroic Personal Stories/Military History Award which is for projects that showcase personal narratives and individual stories of Canada’s military in a particularly engaging and inquisitive manner.

It’s great to have the Juno Beach Centre Association working with us on this.

Here’s something completely new!

Manitoba Living History SocietyThe Manitoba Living History Society is proud to sponsor the all new Selkirk Settlement Award which is aimed at projects that tell the story of an individual or family during the early Red River Settlement period.

The award recipient will be invited to display the project at the Seven Oaks House Museum.

Thanks to the MLHS for this new initiative that broadens the possibilities for the Red River Heritage Fair students.

magnifying glass

The CTV Award is back

CTV logoThe CTV Award is being brought to you again this year by CTV Winnipeg. The award focuses on both demonstrated strong investigation skills, and an ability to deliver a story in a way that interesting and compelling. In short, the CTV Award is looking for projects that are done by prospective future journalists.

Thanks to CTV for sponsoring this unique award and the great view of history it brings.

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