There’s no friend like an old friend

While we always like to have a new friend, there’s no friend like an old friend. Dominos’s has been a faithful supporter of our Fair since we first set up shop nearly 15 years ago.

The pizza provided for our meetings over the years has kept our spirits and our energy levels up as we planned that year’s version of the Red River Heritage Fair.

Thanks to Derek Young and the Domino’s at 468 Osborne Street, and 1965 Main Street for their on-going support of the Red River Heritage Fair and the kids who benefit from the program the Fair offers.

If you’re thinking about pizza, consider supporting these restaurants, and by doing that supporting the Red River Heritage Fair.

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Winnipeg and Focus Hyundai

Thanks to our new friends at Meredes-Benz Winnipeg and at Focus Hyundai for their sponsorship of the Red River Heritage Fair.

Their contribution to our Fair and to the learning, growth, and education of the hundreds of students involved in our program is very much appreciated.

It’s great to have new sponsors to help us celebrate the 25th anniverary of the Heritage Fairs program.

Thanks to Applebee’s!

Thanks to all who came out to our Flapjack Fundraiser at the Grant Park Applebee’s on Saturday morning. 
A breakfast of pancakes and bacon was a good way to start the day.

Particular thanks are due to the crew at Applebee’s on Grant who supported our efforts. These restaurant professionals were kind, gracious, and helpful to the crew from the Red River Heritage Fair. We certainly could not have done this without them.