Fee Schedule for the Red River Heritage Fair


Students working on projects Number of projects you can send Cost (by April 11)
1-24 5 $15/student
25-74 9 $15/student
75-124 13 $15/student
125-174 15 $15/student
175-224 17 $15/student
225-299 21 $15/student
300+ 25 $15/student

After April 11 and until April 18, late fees apply. The total cost is then $18/student. After April 18, the registration data base will be closed.

Electronic payment can be made online when registering.

If paying by check, checks made out to RED RIVER HERITAGE FAIR and should be sent to

Red River Heritage Fair
c/o James Dykstra
Linden Christian School
877 Wilkes Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3P 1B8