What would Young Citizens look like on TV?

With the help of Shaw’s community channel, Manitoba’s Young Citizens put together their own shows. Their videos were the content, and the Young Citizens themselves played hosts and guests for the programs. We’ve included a few sample clips below, but the full list of videos can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlnSk1pC-PbjFntMmUQC3vcb4BBn3QvDr

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The Young Citizens Project gets a boost

Shelly GloverYesterday at the St. Boniface Museum in Winnipeg, Federal Heritage Minister Shelly Glover announced that funding for the Young Citizens program run by Canada’s History has been arranged for the next three years. This is, of course, great news for Canada’s History, and for the Red River Heritage Fair. Students from our Fair have been involved in this project and its been encouraging to see the videos they’ve created. To find out the details of this grant, check out the official press release in English or French.

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2014 Project Pictures

At long last, a few of the projects from our Fair last May.

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Young Citizens Videos now online

The videos for Canada’s History’s Young Citizen program are now online. There’s currently 10 kids who were at the Red River Heritage Fair who’ve got videos posted. Take a look at them at http://www.canadashistory.ca/Kids/YoungCitizens/Find-a-Young-Citizen.aspx?province=&fairid=7824&year=2014&name= and vote for your favorite.

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What did the kids say about the Fair?

Kristen, Grade 8 – I learned that 100 years ago Winnipeg was the robust city in Canada. Manitoba has the best wheat! Very informative, interesting.

Kristin, Grade 4 - I liked the presenter. Was fun, clear, funny and expressive, fun and more.

Michelle, Grade 9 - Very interesting! Loved the pictures of their [the presenters'] trips and of the planes. Equipment was really neat.

Maverick, Grade 7 - It was really cool learning about the RCAF! I learned lots of things.

Julie, Grade 9 - The artifacts were very cool.  :)

Sarah, Grade 4 - I liked learning about activities that they did in the ancient time.

Ariane, Grade 4 - C’était vraiment FUN! Merci pour cette aventure avec nous. Je ne voudrais pas être dans le vieux temps.

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