Updated payment form is online

What are this year’s registration fees and how many kids can I send? All that and more is online at http://www.redriverheritage.ca/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Fee-Schedule-2015.pdf

Take note that the fees have been simplified. The registration fee is $10/student. If two students work on a project, the fee is then $20. If you need any clarification, contact us at info at redriverheritage dot ca.

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Time to Pre-Register

Coming to the Fair on May 7? We need to know. Help us out by going to the form  below and pre-registering.

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Women are Persons

Reggie Women are PersonsReggie celebrates the victory of the Famous Five in having women declared persons. He’s at the Famous Five monument in Ottawa.

Unfortunately, after this, Reggie had to come home.

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Reggie visits Parliament

Reggie at Parliament Library When he visited Ottawa, Reggie had a chance for a brief look at the Library of Parliament. Cool place. It even smells like books!

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Reggie dines out

Dunn's Red River Heritage Fair mascot Reggie had the chance to dine out last week at iconic Ottawa restaurant, Dunn’s Famous. The smoked meat sandwiches were simply amazing.

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